Children's & Family Ministry

Welcome to KidZone… Community Chapel’s Children’s & Family Ministry!  We’re excited about partnering with you in the spiritual development  of your children as we journey together to know, love, and become like Jesus!


In KidZone you’re going to see a lot of orange, red and yellow too!  These colors help us remember what God has called us to be together.  Red is to remind us what only parents can do for their children as the primary spiritual mentors of their children.  Yellow is for the light the church is to families and their community through ministries and relationships.  When you blend the two colors together you get a new color, orange!  Orange represents the journey we are on together, guiding your children and family to become fully devoted followers of Jesus!  We’re excited about our role as encouragers and equippers as we partner together in this adventure.   Join us for the many children’s & family ministry opportunities available to you and your family.

Weekly Children’s & Family Ministries  

Sunday Programming Schedule


Nursery ( up to age 3)
Lil' KidZone (3 year olds - Kindergarten)
KidZone (1st - 5th grade)
** 1st Sunday of the month: FAMILY FUSION for preschoolers-elementary kids and their families in the Fellowship Hall.


Nursery (up to age 3)
Lil' KidZone (3 year olds - Kindergarten)
KidZone (1st - 5th grade)
**1st Sunday of the month: Elementary kids attend worship service with their parents. 
Wednesday Evening Ministries 
Benson Buddies (3-5 year olds)
321 KIDS (Grades 1-3)
Club 45 Youth Group (Grades 4 & 5)