journey groups

Here at Community Chapel, we believe God has called us to be His disciples in everything we do and therefore, discipleship is not just an intellectual pursuit but is about growing in all areas of our lives. This is why we offer so many different types of Journey Groups. It is also why we encourage you be involved in worship, ministry, evangelism and fellowship.

These are all intertwined and all part of growth in Christ.

If you would like information about any of the following Discipleship opportunities, please contact the church office at:

• Discovering Community Chapel (Membership Class)

• Baptism Class

• Journey Groups

• Support Groups

New Fall Adult Journey Group:   A Gentle Answer

Gentle Answer is our secret weapon in an age of ‘us against them’ Scott Sauls writes. He says “…in a defensive and divided era, how can followers of Jesus reveal a better way of living? How can they be the kind of people who, as Proverbs puts it, ‘turn away wrath?’ This book helps Christians grow in their affection for Christ, nurture a renewed, softened heart in light of Christ’s gentleness towards us and forsake us-against them mentalities, putting down our swords and permeating a hostile world with gentleness.”     

Check out this flyer for more information. 

What are Journey Groups?

Proverb 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron, a person sharpens the character of his friend." (The Voice)

A Journey Group is a place to connect with fellow travelers in this journey to explore spiritual truths about God and the Holy Spirit and learn ways to experience the abundant life Jesus promised. Offered as classes, Bible studies, accountability groups, and discussion groups, Journey Groups cover topics such as theology, Bible study, prayer, spiritual disciplines, relationships, parenting, finances & missions. A key place of discipleship, participants get the unique opportunity to learn ways to grow in our daily walk with the Lord from a leader and each other.

Journey Groups are offered on a quarterly system, meeting anywhere from 10 to 13 weeks depending on the quarter. While some groups take place on Sunday mornings, we also have groups that meet on Wednesday night at the Church and throughout the week in various homes.