At Community Chapel Church of the Nazarene, we take our responsibility to care for children and youth very seriously. That is why we have constructed a safety policy that has been MinistrySafe approved. These ministry safe guidelines are intended to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment in which children and youth can grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. While no policy or plan can guarantee complete and total safety in all circumstances, parents can rest assured that Community Chapel has done and will continue to do all that it can to ensure that our children's and youth ministry is as safe as possible for both teens and adults.

Below is a summary of our safety protocol that expresses our commitment to being a Ministry Safe church.


1. Background checks will be conducted on all staff and volunteer workers that will have any ACTUAL OR POTENTIAL interaction with minors in our church.  The background check will be conducted prior to the staff or volunteer’s start date and will be repeated every two years.

2. All staff and volunteer workers will view the Ministry Safe video and complete the quiz prior to their start date, and  will be required  to review it and complete the quiz  in its most current version every two years.

3. Six months attendance at Community Chapel Church of the Nazarene is a prerequisite to any volunteer being involved in any area of ministry involving minors.

4. All classes and activities on- and off-site involving minors will always be supervised by two adults or  an adult & an approved sr. high teenager (who has been approved in advanced.)

5. When a child requires assistance in the bathroom, every effort will be made to call the parent to come and assist their child. If not, two adults must be present when possible or bathroom door left open as the child receives needed assistance. A parent will be called when a diaper change is needed on a child that is in a classroom setting outside of the church nursery.

If you have any questions, contact the church office at