what to expect

We recognize that visiting a new place can be a little daunting. We want to alleviate some of the anxieties by explaining what takes place as well as answering some frequently asked questions (FAQ's).

Sunday Worship Service @ 10:30AM

Facebook Live services will also continue, go to: facebooklive

  • Masks will be optional for those fully vaccinated, but we kindly ask that you wear a mask while on-site if you have not been vaccinated. Also, if you prefer to continue wearing a mask we encourage you to do so.
  • We will be gradually increasing seating capacity as the data supports it. 

We still continue to love each other well, especially the vulnerable

among us by:

  • Continuing the disinfecting of the church.
  • Maintaining social distancing.

       We all are all still tasked with staying home if: 

  • We do not feel well
  • Have traveled abroad
  • Have been exposed to a person with COVID. 

We believe that this incremental easing will slowly allow us to move forward to normality. Please do be aware that if there is a sudden spike in cases or sudden change in regional circumstances, these policies may be brought back. The Church leadership is staying apprised of the trends and statistics, and as they continue in the right direction, we will evaluate the continued easing of our policies. Thank you for seeking with us to not only love our neighbor, but to love them well.

Step-by-step explanation of the Worship Service

As you enter the sanctuary (this is the place where we meet to worship) you will be greeted by our ushers  and help you find a seat if the place        is crowded. 

The services usually consist of the following elements: 

  1. Announcements - a few of the upcoming activities will be highlighted by a pastor near the beginning of the service.
  2. Worship in Song – the words are always projected on the screen so you can follow along. If you don’t feel comfortable singing then you can just read the words to yourself.
  3. Pastoral Prayer – usually one of the pastors will lead the congregation in a time of prayer for various needs in the community and the world. Sometimes the pastor will open the altars (these are the short rails in front of the platform, see FAQ’s for an explanation) for people to come forward and pray. There is no pressure for you or anyone to come forward.
  4. Offering – as part of our worship, we have a time for the congregation to give back to God. The ushers will come forward and plates will be passed around. If you are a guest, please don’t feel that you have to give. This is part of the worship for those who regularly attend.
  5. Sermon – Pastor Geoff DeFranca (the Senior Pastor) usually brings the sermon for the day. These messages usually last 25-30 minutes and seek to connect the truths of the Bible to the realties of our journey today (to listen to a podcast of a recent sermon click here).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What time are services?

Worship Services @ 10:30AM: On - site and on facebooklive:  facebooklive

Which door do I come in through?

Please enter at the entrance that has a sign that reads: 

“Church Offices & Worship Center.”  When you enter, take a right to get to the offices and the sanctuary.

Where is the sanctuary?

The sanctuary is located at the front of the building nearest to Saint Laurent Street. The easiest way to access the sanctuary is through the main entrance or through the doors marked “Church Offices & Worship Center.”

Is there Childcare? Where?

Yes, there is a nursery located in the hall to the left of the sanctuary and is fully staffed for both services and during the Journey Group hours. We welcome all children ages infant up to 4 years. When your child is dropped off you will asked to sign in, being sure to leave a cell phone number so that you can be contacted immediately if there are any questions, problems or emergencies.

Is there Children’s programming? Where?

Currently, our children (4 & up)  worship with their family of faith

in the sanctuary. 

Our younger friends (ages 5-7) are enjoying hands-on manipulatives to engage with as they share in worship.  Our older elementary age friends are doing a great job with the worship booklet created especially for them! The activities really help to focus on and understand each part of the worship experience. 

Be sure to pick up an activity packet  before the service.

To see our current weekly programs, go the the Families with Children's page or check out the weekly newsletter.

Is there programming for Youth? Where?

Yes, to see our current programs,  go to the Youth page or

check the weekly newsletter.

Are there Adult Sunday School Classes? Where? 

Yes, we run an adult Sunday School class but we call it Journey Group. Currently this class take place on ZOOM Sundays at 11:00AM.  For more information on the current topic and for the link, check out the Journey Group page

What is the altar for?

The altars, located at the front of the sanctuary, are a place to come and spend time in prayer with God. While we recognize that you don’t need an altar to pray, they provide a set apart and symbolic place for you to come and commune with God and offer to God the details of your life. Often, the Pastor will open the altars for prayer during the worship service.

What is the offering used for?

The offering is an act of worship. The offerings collected fund the mission and ministry of the church. This allows for us to provide pastors and staff for the care and oversight of the congregation, meeting the costs and care of the facilities, providing church programs and ministries, outreach to the local community, ministry to the poor and needy, ministry and evangelism around the world, as well as paying allocations for our district and international partnerships in the Church of the Nazarene.