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Welcome to Community Chapel’s Children’s & Family Ministry! We’re excited about partnering with you in the spiritual development of your children as we journey together to know, love, and become like Jesus!

We’re excited about our role as encouragers and equippers as we partner together in this adventure. Join us for the many children’s ministry opportunities available to you and your family.

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Before scrolling we want so share with you that we are proudly a Ministry Safe Church.

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Sunday  Ministries


Nursery (Birth up to  age 3)

There is a nursery area available during each Sunday morning worship service to provide loving care for infants and young toddlers in a safe environment. These little ones will begin to hear and experience God's love for them.

3 year olds - 5th Graders     Combined at this hour. Meet in  the Fellowship Hall.

One Room School: Children ages Preschool through 5th grade meet together to experience the concept of Christian community as they learn about God's love as evidenced through Jesus Christ. We study God's Word, worship through song and prayer, and are provided with developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory learning experiences intentionally planned with fun in mind!  


Nursery (Infant up to age 3)

There is a nursery area available during each Sunday morning worship service to provide loving care for infants and young toddlers in a safe environment. These little ones will begin to hear and experience God's love for them.

3  Year Olds - Kindergarten  Meet in Room 201

Preschoolers and Kindergartners come to us with boundless energy and a desire to learn about Jesus and His great love for them!  The children will learn that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their forever friend.

1st - 5th Grade - Meet in the Fellowship Hall

Our elementary kids are given the opportunity to form relationships with their peers and adult mentors They learn a new Bible story each week and they also discover how to apply the truth of the story to their lives. 

Wednesday Ministries

6:30PM -8:00PM

PRESCHOOL PALS  (3-5 year olds)

Preschoolers enjoy a fun and interactive night  learning new things from God's Word too! This includes activities, crafts, Bible story, prayer, and games.

321 KIDS (Grades 1-3)

First-third graders meet together each week to form great friendships, learn exciting things from God's Word that they can apply to their lives through lots of fun activities and games, and encourage each other through prayer and sharing what is happening in their lives.

CLUB 45 (Grades 4 -5)

Club 45 is a special program that we have developed for our preteens that closely resembles a youth group. The purpose of their time together is to offer to our 4th through 6th graders an opportunity to develop friendships with each other and with their God. We play games, discuss topics relevant to where they are at in light of God's Word, and spend some time sharing and praying together.

baby dedications

Congratulations! You are the proud parent of a new little life! We are looking forward to partnering with you on this your journey of parenting that you have just embarked on, or are continuing on if your new little baby is joining siblings.

Baby/Child Dedication is more than a one time church family celebration event; it is first of all a time to renew your commitment to love God and His Word in your home (Deuteronomy 6: 5-7). As we commit to partnering with you in this journey of guiding your child in their faith in Jesus, we have put together these steps to help you begin...

      1. Fill out an application to request a date to have your child dedicated. You can get this from the church office, and return it there when you have it completed!

      2. Schedule a meeting with a pastor who will be conducting your Baby Dedication, and an orientation meeting with Pastor Mike to introduce you to children’s ministry. These could be separate or combined.

We pray that God will bless you on this very exciting journey of parenting, of guiding your child to know, love, and live for Jesus!


For the most up to date listing of Children's Events, check out our church calendar.


At Community Chapel, our most important partners in ministering to your children are their parents. Our desire is to equip, encourage and support parents as they seek to be faithful parents. Below are some suggested resources for families and children.

suggested resources



NLT Hands-On Bible: The Hands-On Bible uses experience-based learning that communicates God’s Word in a way in which kids can be actively involved in their learning. It includes hundreds of activities for kids and parents to do together. Recommended for elementary aged kids

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name: It shows how every story points to Jesus! This story unfolds beginning with the Old Testament and continuing right through the New Testament. Recommended for ages 4-8

NIV and NIrV Adventure Bible:  It has features such as Life in Bible Times, Words to Treasure, Did You Know, Live It!, Book Introductions, and more. NIV recommended for ages 9-12, NIrV recommended for ages 6-10 .  Also, available is AdventureBible a website  geared toward 3rd -5th graders. It has great ideas and activities to get kids engaged and excited about exploring God's Word. It includes Bible Search, Games, and Bible Activities (Reading plans, Crosswords, Devotions, and more.



Sticky Situations: 365 Devotions for Kids and Families by Betsy Schmitt: Our responses to “sticky situations” can get us into trouble or glorify God. This devotional offers families a year’s worth of situations to discuss and explore where young people live: in the classroom, on the sports fields, at church, and at home. Parents and kids look at these situations, talk about the variety of choices young people face daily, and look into God’s Word to discover how it can instruct and guide them on His path.




Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner & Carey Nieuwhof: 

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity will guide you in engaging your family in a bigger story, a story that involves other influencers who are on the journey with you to grow in their journeys with Jesus. It will help you invite others to invest in your children, create a culture of unconditional love, and tap into the power of quality moments together. You’ll learn about resources you can tap into that will increase your parenting capacity.

Parent Cue is an excellent resource that we believe helps parents be encouraged, equipped and empowered to be the parents God is calling them to be. 

Parent Cue provides two excellent resources:

  1. Parent Cue App: This helps every parent to do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  2. Parent Cue Podcast: Provides episodes on a variety of parenting topics. This is a great resource to find just the right topics for your family.